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Mule Deer

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Coues Deer

New Mexico Primitive Weapon Units

Unit 13

Unit 13 features diverse terrain with rolling hills, piñon-juniper woodlands, and grassy meadows. It offers a mix of open areas and dense cover, providing excellent habitat for elk and mule deer, making it ideal for both spot-and-stalk and ambush hunting strategies.

Unit 15

Unit 15 showcases rugged terrain with dense forests, steep ridges, and open meadows. It is known for its challenging landscape, ideal for experienced hunters seeking elk and mule deer. The varied terrain supports spot-and-stalk and ambush hunting methods.

Unit 17

Unit 17 features diverse terrain with a mix of mountainous areas, dense forests, and open meadows. It is renowned for its trophy elk and mule deer populations. The challenging landscape offers excellent opportunities for spot-and-stalk hunting.

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Why hunt primitive weapon units?

Hunting in New Mexico’s primitive weapon units offers an unparalleled experience for those seeking a true challenge in the wild. These units are designed for hunters using muzzleloaders and archery equipment, providing a unique and traditional approach to hunting. With the stunning landscapes of New Mexico as your backdrop, the hunt becomes more than just a pursuit—it’s an adventure that harks back to the roots of hunting. The restrictions on modern firearms ensure a fair chase, and the opportunity to harvest trophy animals in these units is a testament to the skill and patience required. At Mangas Outfitters, we specialize in guiding hunters through these challenging yet rewarding hunts, ensuring a memorable and successful experience.

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